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Renewable energy

Data integration makes hydropower smarter

A digital platform which integrates large volumes of data into a unified structure for oil and gas companies is now being extended to make the hydropower generation more efficient and intelligent.

The idea emerged after RedRock found that the latter sector faced many of the same challenges as the oil industry in terms of optimising output and enhancing maintenance efficiency. High investment costs, complex issues and a generally wide geographical distribution also offer a big potential for improvement in both sectors.

What RedRock has done in oil companies such as Equinor, Lundin Norway, Vår Energi and Total is to bring together information, technology, processes, agreements and expertise across various levels in the companies, and assemble it into a unified structure in the form of a digital platform.

Liberating resources
The advantage of the solution is that the more information becomes digitalised, the more resources are liberated in the company – which can then improve efficiency and create growth in other parts of its business.

This yields positive effects in the short term, making it easier to reach long-term goals. RedRock is already working to introduce its systems at the first customers in the hydropower sector, where this solution has been well received.

Big market
With its expertise in and experience of artificial intelligence and autonomous operations, the company’s aim is to make its customers smarter, more efficient and more flexible.

Adapting the digital platform to hydropower operations has been accompanied by further development for use in a number of other sectors, including aquaculture. Moreover, provision has been made for scaling up the technology together with digital and autonomous equipment.





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