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Renewable energy

Generating power from wind, waves and sun

An experienced engineer laid off in the oil price downturn came up with the idea of Flex2power – a new type of base for wind turbines which also derives energy simultaneously from waves and sun.

Renewable energy

Visualising the complete offshore wind farm

Moreld Apply is utilising expertise and methodologies from subsea field developments to engineer and visualise complete offshore wind farms.

Renewable energy

Less time and fewer resources to design, build and operate wind energy power plants

The software solution allows planners to visualise how the time taken to produce Asian components can affect a project in Europe or how bottlenecks can be eliminated in an installation campaign for wind turbines.

Renewable energy

More intelligent wind-farm control

Norway’s Origo Solutions saw that substantial financial benefits could be achieved from smarter management of wind farms by operating and monitoring such facilities as a whole.

Marine Archeology

Hunting historical treasures on the seabed

GeoPluss at Randaberg outside Stavanger is using geophysical methods and technology from the subsea industry to conduct archaeological investigations on the seabed.

Renewable energy

Moorings for floating wind turbines

MacGregor Norway AS delivers anchoring solutions for floating petroleum facilities. It now sees opportunities in the sharply expanding market for offshore wind power.

Renewable energy

From fish to drilling to wind power

In 2008 4Subsea had the vision that drilling operations on the Skarv field in the Norwegian North Sea ought to be controlled by actual measurement data rather than design parameters alone.

Renewable energy

Improved trenching of subsea high-voltage cables

FSubsea’s pumps dig deeper into the seabed than other available solutions, eliminating the need to dump gravel over trenched electrical transmission cables in order to protect them.

Renewable energy

Dynamic cables for offshore wind farms

Unitech has specialised for several decades in the design, production and delivery of subsea equipment for the oil and gas sector, including connectors and cables. It is now turning its attention to wind power at sea.

Renewable energy

Cost-effective supports for offshore wind turbines

Wind turbine foundations can be installed at sea faster more cheaply and more safely with the solution Imenco has developed through its involvement in the oil and gas industry.

Renewable energy

Data integration makes hydropower smarter

A digital platform which integrates large volumes of data into a unified structure for oil and gas companies is now being extended to make the hydropower generation more efficient and intelligent.

Renewable energy

Aker Solutions ready to scale up offshore wind

Semi-submersible platforms from Aker Solutions can carry larger and much more powerful wind turbines than those found on land.