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New solution for subsea lifting

Beluga Subsea wanted to do something about the eternal challenge of lifting under water without cranes or gasbags, and came up with a completely new way of approaching the problem.

Based at Bryne south of Stavanger and with its roots in IKM Technology and IKM Subsea, the company had the idea of developing a lifting unit which is very simple in principle – a sealed container initially filled with water.

A pump is used to empty this tank, which becomes one kilogram lighter for every kilogram of water pumped out. The resulting positive buoyancy can then be used to raise submerged objects.

Safer and more efficient
Called the variance buoyancy system (VBS), this solution is scalable from small units with a buoyancy of less than 50 kilograms up to systems for 10-15 tonnes and perhaps more.

It offers improved safety and greater efficiency in work operations, and provides access beyond the reach of cranes and where stability in the water column is important.

Lower costs and reduced emissions
The customer can conduct operations with the VBS on an offshore field more quickly, which cuts costs and reduces emissions and thereby improves competitiveness. Users can lease the system with or without operating personnel.

No direct health, safety or environmental challenges are faced when using the VBS, and it is powered solely from a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The VBS can be easily incorporated in work procedures, since it primarily requires procedures for launch and recovery as well as provisions for direct use. Connection to the ROV utilises standard equipment and methodology.

Global market
Equinor and DeepOcean are current users of the system, but Beluga Subsea expects the number of customers to increase because of the benefits offered.

The company has good partners and the ability to utilise a large network for marketing the system. That provides opportunities for further development, since the technology has global utility in the oil and gas, offshore wind power, subsea mineral recovery and fish farming sectors.



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